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The Women's Fund


The Women’s Fund Mission:  The Women’s Fund mobilizes the power of women through collective philanthropy using a strategy of education, grant-making and endowment building to create a better future for women and their families in the Redding area.

History: The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation (SRCF) was founded in 2008 to address the persistent challenges facing women and their families in the Redding area.

Purpose: The Women’s Fund is building a permanent endowment and an annual fund through collective philanthropy to address the needs of women and their families, improve children’s futures and raise community awareness.  Grant funds are made available through memberships to the Women’s Fund.  Our grant program promotes preventive solutions and increased options for women and their families.

The 2018 Women’s Fund Focus Area:  Grant applicants must address the following focus area as it relates to women and their families in the Redding area. The services provided by organizations funded through grants from The Women’s Fund must take place within the City of Redding but may include participants who reside not only in Redding but also in neighboring communities, i.e., Cottonwood (within Shasta County) to the South, Shasta Lake City to the North, Palo Cedro to the East, and Igo/Ono to the West. 

The focus area selected for this year is: 

DEVELOPING ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES: Supporting women who have a vision and need help taking steps to reach that goal, creating economic opportunities for women and/or developing skills to increase financial solvency. Some ideas for addressing this focus area in support of women and their families living in the greater Redding area may include, but are not limited to: supporting entrepreneurship for women-owned businesses, job training in non-traditional careers, financial literacy, business literacy, career mentoring before and/or during career, advanced job skills development, supporting women to enter/reenter the workforce through job search and interview skill development, building and supporting family-friendly workplaces, supporting working mothers, or creating professional networking opportunities for women.

Grants are awarded to: 
  • Nonprofit organizations with tax exempt status under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or
  • Public agencies

Please note:  For organizations applying as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, the Community Foundation will search the IRS database to confirm current status.  Organizations whose 501(c)(3) status isn’t current will not be eligible for funding consideration. 

Grants are not awarded to or for:
  • Individuals
  • Budget deficits
  • Endowment funds or annual fund drives
  • The promotion of religious activities
  • Organizations with grant reports past due to the Community Foundation

Grant Amounts:  The Women’s Fund will provide up to $50,000 for grants in 2018.  Grant applications should be for no less than $5,000. 

Time Frame:  Projects for which grant funding is being sought should be completed within 12 months of grant receipt. 

Grantee Requirements:  Successful grantee(s) will be required to: attend and present at two Women’s Fund annual membership celebration events held in the spring and fall; allow for up to four contacts by The Women’s Fund grantee liaison throughout the year for updates to include in member newsletters and other publications; and submit a final report.

Past Grantees Welcome to Apply: Organizations are not precluded from applying to The Women's Fund for consecutive years. The Grant Review Panel will consider proposals based on merit and select from among each year's applicants to choose the one(s) that best meet that year's Focus Area.

The Women’s Fund Non-Discrimination Policy:  The Women's Fund will not knowingly support organizations whose programs, services or hiring practices discriminate in regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, political ideology, age, creed, religion, heritage, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, disability, unrelated to job or course of study requirements, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Shasta Regional Community Foundation Non-Discrimination Policy:  The Foundation seeks to promote respect for all people. We hold ourselves, and those whom we support, to a high standard of nondiscrimination.  The Foundation will not knowingly support organizations whose programs or services are not open to all without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, medical condition, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law.  We recognize that organizations may identify special needs in the community and target programs or services to a specific population based on those needs; however the programs must be open to all people in those targeted populations to be eligible for grant consideration. 

If you are unclear as to whether or not your organization complies with the above non-discrimination policies, please contact Amanda Hutchings, Shasta Regional Community Foundation at 530-244-1219. If funding is awarded, these policies will be supported by grantee signature of a certificate of non-discrimination.

Grant Program Priority: Our priority is to fund the proposals which will have the largest positive impact on the Focus Area selected by The Women's Fund members for this year (see Focus Area above). The Women's Fund is a membership organization and each year members vote to select a Focus Area which will create a better future for women and their families in the Redding area. 
The following items will be requested during the grant submission process:

I.  Components of the Proposal Narrative:
  1. Organizational Information – Describe your organization; tell us about its history, its mission and purpose. Please include discussion of recent achievements and key challenges.  
  2. Project Summary – Summarize the request; be specific.  State the amount of support requested and its proposed use.
  3. Statement of Need – Describe the needs to be met or problems to be addressed by the proposed funding.
  4. Project Implementation – a. State the overall goal of your project. b. Outline the specific activities or steps you will complete to reach your goal. c. Estimate the number of women and their family members to be directly and indirectly served by this project. d. Discuss any collaborations you have with other organizations which will help carry out this project (i.e. nonprofit, business, government). 
  5. Project timeline and completion date.  Projects should be completed within 12 months of grant receipt.
  6. Sustainability - Please explain if and how your organization plans to support the project or sustain its impact beyond the grant period.
II.  Project budget (list all confirmed sources of funding which will support the project as of the date of application submission)

III. List of board members, affiliations and phone numbers

IV.  For schools & other public entities, a copy of departmental budget (1-2 page summary)

V.   For nonprofit agencies, a copy of the current income & expense statement and balance sheet (only). Please note, this is a request for financial report information, not a request for organizational budget.  If current financial statements cover less than 6 months, please submit a copy of current statements plus year-end statement for the previous year. 

VI.  Optional, copies of 1-3 recent external communications about your organization – for example:         newsletters, news articles and/or special recognitions.

VII. Optional, 1-2 related photos (only if they help you describe the proposal)

 The review process may include a site visit, conducted by the review committee, and Community Foundation staff. Grant award notification will occur approximately 10-12 weeks from the proposal deadline.

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Amanda Hutchings at
Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (PST Time Zone):
8/22/2018 5:00 PM